Author Bio for DARK Me3

Getting the Bio together for the book is a demanding task-when it means pleasing a Publisher. Filling in the Bio-data was a snap. Getting leads to media email urls was nothing like so easy or so straight forward.

It took me about an hour to remember all those “autobiographical details” I used to tell my Buddies in the Navy. Also, where I am at, as those who know me, is a fairly simple situation.

But publishers have very carefully crafted questions that demand revealing answers.

With luck, almost none of it will be needed for the book.

It’s the book that’s meant to sell anyway, not me.

Then that business of scrolling through web pages looking for contact details: buying magazines to locate additional possible sources of media exposure and interviews; plus the Local and Regional Newspapers. Publishing a book is an expensive business, in both time and cash outlays, or it can be. Letting ‘the fingers do the walking’ helps a lot. What’s worse is, you never feel you have got either enough Media contacts or the right ones.

I figure two more and then I;ll send in the Bio for the book. Right! They won’t accept the Bio until the Authoir has done his leg-work to promote it! Now that is what is known as a Business Plan-Paul Spicer Note!


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