The Purpose of Life

As a boy, I read Robert Louis Stevenson. I have sailed the seas and travelled the world. I have visited lush tropic islands. I have sailed the Spanish Main. I have seen the real “Treasure Island”.

Christopher D Corran

From where I live, I can see in one direction the raised hinterland, with its rainforests and its waterfalls. In the other direction I can hear the surf pounding upon miles of sun scorched, sandy beaches.

These things, which I know and have seen, are real.

And yet, like R.L.Stevenson, I can weave fiction around these true facts, things which do exist, and create fiction novels about the past, the future and our present day. What I might create as an artist does not take away from truth and reality, which do exist.

James Bond does not detract from the Casino at Monte Carlo. His gun, fast cars and faster women in no way prevent real guns, faster cars and real painted ladies from being a factual part of our real existence.

In the Millennium 3 Trilogy, I have created key individuals, lead characters and a host of individuals who make up the scenery and the context for my plot, but not the setting.

Life after death is real. The Afterlife is as real as Monte Carlo, and all the people who used to be here, in the mortal world, now reside in the Spirit World.

But the vast majority of Mankind know nothing of this. Satan has filled the World with his countless, counterfeit religions intended to hide the truth in his Mists of Darkness. How often have you heard the typical rebuttal: “These people all say they have the one Church that is the True Church.” They know that, for them, this is the only reason they need to disbelieve that any church can be true.

So, as the truth has been given to me, I decided to Take Back Christianity. I decided to show to the World who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.

The Millennium 3 Trilogy is composed of Fiction Novels, targeted at readers Age 15+ to Adult, and is a fictional account of the fantastic journey of a man, through a thousand years, from the grave to godhood.

Just as there is a real Treasure Island off the coast of Central America, there is a real Eternal Life and each one of us is living it now.

Because our own God, the Father of Mankind, also is an exalted Man.


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