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Radio and Internet CombineI was neither joking nor exaggerating when I stated in the Me3 Trilogy that 5.5 Billion would die. Since 2020, we have seen increasing evidence of the hidden Influencers, exercising the power they have to disrupt our lives.

But back in November 2019 I saw the need to prepare for our normal communications to come under attack. I saw the need to set up my own communications facilities. I was trained in Radio in the Navy so I sat the necessary exams and qualified as a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

Against the backdrop of Self Isolation and police fines for being outside without an “essential purpose”, I found myself juggling with the idea of driving round the corner to a nearby hill, to get a clear path to the club Repeater. Would I risk a fine, or invest in something with more power and versatility?

That day I saw a person was fined $1652 for being out of their home.

The sensible answer was to buy an All Band All Mode Base Station. I settled on a YAESU FT-991A, for only a few dollars more than I would risk by using my Baofeng hand-held from the street round the corner.

Outside my local region, I would need both a better (long wire preferred) antenna and perhaps more power. The point to keep in mind though when dealing with radio range is that:
a. you cannot transmit far on an antenna that won’t receive; and
b. if the frequency is not right, more power will still not get you there.

My entire station however can be bundled into my car and taken “Bush”, where I can operate on solar powered battery, with a wire antenna strung in a suitable tree. Under the right conditions, I could reach stations thousands of kilometers away.

So what is the context of this Post?

I saw a report that the authorities in California, USA, are attempting to close out Amateur Radio Operators (HAMS), particularly by closing out their access to Towers on Public Land, for locating their Repeater Antennas and infrastructure.

Now we see quite plainly that when ‘progress’ is made in America, there is a follow-on effect across the remainder of Western Civilization. So we should expect bureaucrats in Australia to attempt the same thing.

Meanwhile we see Communist China using it’s ample means to shut down any and all dissent, even international dissent. This also includes trade embargoes to restrict foreign criticism of how China mismanaged and failed to publicise the emergence of this Covid-19 pandemic. The latest in a string of Corona Viruses unleashed upon us.

So in the midst of heightened international tensions and nations balanced on a war footing, we see attacks on all sides upon the Communications Channels available to the Public across the entire world.

And I have stated quite clearly, in the Millennium 3 Trilogy, that this will continue to deteriorate globally.

Meanwhile the effectively unnamed and unseen perpetrators, who manipulate and control all this evil in the world, continue to believe that they can rule the earth. The United Nations, one of their Instruments, also calls for the global population to be lowered by 5 Billion!

Whether it be by abortion or chemical castration or induced civil conflict or by outright war, the intention is to “Cull” Humanity of it’s non-essential members.

They don’t intend that YOU speak about this publicly nor hear of it in private, by any means.

So I invested in Communications Equipment.

During this, Humanity’s Final Emergency, I will keep the lines open where I can, for as long as I can.

But this is a War between Good and Evil and as I have stated before: 5.5 Billion people will die, leading the Survivors in to a thousand years of peace.

The Third Millennium [Me3]

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