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I have decided to go with the tracknotes of an expert, the angel RaiofOz. Fastest way we know, to get into a track, is to follow the angel’s introductions.

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13 July 2012

Putting up an old-time favourite mix of Trance tracks. Rai will probably forgive me. It will have to be without tracknotes though – THIS list was so old-school we suspect they just never got written. 🙂

The Original Trance Mix:

1          Dooms Night – Azzido Da Bass – (DJ JamX & DeLeon DJ008)
2          2000 – Binary Finary – [DJ JamX, De Leons Dumonde Remix]
3          Feel the Beat – Darude – (DJ Thylacine Extreme Mix)
4          Sandstorm – Darude – (JS16 Mix)
5          Sandstorm – Darude – (Original Version)
6          Sandstorm – Darude – (Dj Azos Tranc-o-ma Mix) –called – Hard Trance
7          Set Me Free – DJ Liquid – Final Fantasy – (trance mix)
8          Trance Stories – DJ Liquid
9          Trance Emotions – DJ Quicksilver
10        Dont Stop – ATB – Ministry Of Sound – Trance Nation 2
11        For An Angel – Paul Van Dyk
12        Today – Paul Van Dyk – (trance ambient mix)
13        Children 2000 – Robert Miles – (trance remix)
14        Airwave – Sandra Collins – Rank 1 – (Original Mix)
15        Matrix ][ – The Cynic Project – (trance mix) – called Matrix – The Cynic….

29 July 2011

Falling of Stars by Dmitri Federov with a remix by Paul Miller.  This really gets the tabla effect going and incorporates some progressions that feature in lots of DJ’s work. I just like the heavy Goa trance in it. [This also is ‘lifelike’, in the sense the tracks afterward begin to distance themselves from what people laughingly call Reality. CDC ]

Nothing  by Holden and Thompson.  Jesus and his disciples went in a boat and on the other side they met a man, torn by spirits, who could not be restrained. Jesus saith, “What is your name?” He saith, “My name is Legion, for we are many.”  In the background, waves wash upon the shore . . . .

No Way Back by Incense, is an interesting example, on the one hand, of how satan borrows us (talk about pwned) to voice his exultation or anger, in the voices of delectable exponents of the singing musical art while, on the other hand, this track evokes also the ethos of a World that cried, the World that the Bible assures us Wept. We are approaching the end for both of them – and both of them know it.

First this vastly destructive Age, then the Millennium, followed by a Little Season.
heh Apocalyptic Music…As quickly as possible, get past that silly schoolgurl-with-a-death-wish front that he puts up.

And if you’re in Japan… Don’t commit suicide! Why would you bother!


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