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The Trilogy is now available in EPUB format.

Modern technology has overtaken the Publishing realm and today the Reading Public are compiling Libraries of Digital Books!

Millennium 3 Trilogy (Author’s Impress) ePUB

But this year we re-edited and re-published the Trilogy as an Author’s Impress Edition.

THAT Edition can now be downloaded in EPUB Format here, at our Official Author Site.

You can go there by clicking on the Download eBooks button on the Menu Bar above.
The price for the Complete Trilogy is only $3.04 USD.

The Millennium 3 (Me3) Trilogy is already available in Print, Kindle and Nook Formats (See “Buy a Book” page, in the Menu Bar above).

We will add further books as they are produced in Digital Format.
There is any amount already written by the Author!


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