UPDATE on Millennium 3 Trilogy

FORTH-Millennium 3 is now written…!!
All the vital work of revision and editing remains but the major task of writing the second book in the Trilogy is done.

I offer the obvious apologies for cribbing a scene from Village of the Dead here.
In fact, FORTH-Millennium 3 deals with the deaths of approximately 5.5 Billion of Earth’s inhabitants. The problem becomes, to find a village of the Living.

Life on the other side of the Veil of Death goes on, with people increasingly busy. There is one image I particularly like where Eber, the lead character, is looking at the Veil of Death just as it bulges and a great clot of souls tumble through. War is Hell!

There was time for singing hymns… and some notable prayers.

People interested in Sacred Covenants may discover they suddenly have strong opinions!

How big? Well, we still need to revise and edit but the first draft is at 207,000 words. Editing usually cuts down the actual wordage but sometimes causes the text to creep onto more pages. It came out at 281 A4 pages in first draft, so we shall see.

Next is to negotiate with Robert and the Team at SBG about publishing in 2013. It will take until September 2012, probably, to smooth the text into a finished product. Then there is all the pre-production stuff. Just settling on the Artwork for the Cover can take months.

I should be promoting DARK-Millennium 3, the first in the trilogy but it was important this year to produce FORTH-Millennium 3. All my broken bones and hospitalizations, last year, messed up a lot of plans. We seem to be clear of that now.

A simple and factual consideration though is that, Australia only has 23 Million people. Promoting the book in this country returns very little on the dollar unless we hire a hit-man to garner some publicity. What Robert and the Strategic Book Group do in seventeen (17) International Book Fairs in one year is exponentially more rewarding for every dollar spent. China and India represent 1.3 Billion each!

Not that the supply of $AUD has gone up. We have to slice the bread pretty thin if we want to cruise around in stretched limos around here.

Time is of the essence.

We hope to get Book Three of the Trilogy on the market before the End of the World.
As things stand… I may have to write Book Three in Shorthand !!!


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