FORTH-Millennium 3 Goes to Contract

FORTH-Millennium 3 … Contract has been SIGNED…!!
What is FORTH-Me3 about???

Eber, a mormon high priest, is murdered by islamists and joins the dead.

Loosely based upon the Mormon tenet, his experiences beyond the Dark Spirit Prison call upon all his priesthood powers and abilities.

He finds one there who exposes the pagan idolatry of Islam, and its prophet Mohammed, as Satan’s false religion.

Graduating from his unaccompanied, solitary state, Eber participates in the sacred plural covenants of paradise and prepares in other ways to cope with the “Work of Death” taking place in the world he has left. He observes from beyond the veil of death the vast toll of human lives during Armageddon.

As a resurrected angel he rises with the Lord in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. What more can Earth have in store for Mankind?

Life on the other side of the Veil of Death goes on, with people increasingly busy. There is one image I particularly like where Eber, the lead character, is looking at the Veil of Death just as it bulges and a great clot of souls tumble through. War is Hell!

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