FORTH-Millennium 3 Released

19 Dec 2012
FORTH-Millennium 3 has finally gone to Marketing.
We now have a link to the Website set up by the Publisher.
The link is: Here

FORTH – Millennium 3

The Website is still a work in progress. With time it will come to feature both books (in fact, all three when the third in the trilogy is released in 2013).
At present, the Publisher’s Official Site for Christopher D Corran will feature:
DARK-Millennium 3;
FORTH-Millennium 3;
Book Buy links for both books, in both Print Copy and e-Book version; Books;
Barnes& Noble Books;
Images of the Books and the Author;and
A YouTube Promotional Video Clip.

We shall see, as time goes by, what else needs to go up there, but for now the site is still very bare, as the details are gathered to bring it up to speed.

Nice to know, the Publisher had it up on the release day though.


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