e-Book Edition

We are in the process now of authorizing the e-Book edition of DARK-Me3.

It will take a few days to finalize the arrangements but the decision has been made.

DARK - Millennium 3

We are having the book released soon as an e-Book edition. While the process will be put in train within days, the outcome may take a little longer.

The e-Book has to have its own ISBN and has to be re-rendered, compatible with such tablets as Amazon Kindle, iPad, Nook, MobiPocket and such popular readers globally.

e-Book editions lend themselves also to multi-language formats, whereby a book written in English may be read in 75 languages, so that would have an additional impact on market penetration.

We are having DARK-Millennium 3 translated into Chinese anyway, because China is such a huge and attractive Market but all these considerations form part of the Publicity/Marketing train.

Nothing is free. Consultants and Specialists like to be paid for their inputs and advice.

As soon as the physical printed copies that we have ordered arrive, one will be sent to another Specialist, who reviews books specifically for the purposes of presenting them in a selling way to prospective buyers of International Rights and Foreign Language Rights. We will have more to say on these activities soon.


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