e-Book Edition – Key Word List

My crushed shoulder continues to interfere with progress on many fronts.

AEG requested a 500 character Key Word List, to be incorporated into production of the e-book edition of DARK-Millennium 3. Their email was dated Feb. 17th and my injury was just prior to that on Feb. 13th.

Two circumstances prevented me from responding:

1     My anti-virus software saw something and trashed the email; and

2     I saw the report but due to my crushed shoulder, still completely untreated, I failed to follow up by asking Marsha, what had been in the email.

So today I compiled a belated Key Word List for incorporation. In fact, I had to provide a revised list. Incredible! In the first I neglected a couple of key terms.

So I added the Title of the Book-and the Name of the Author!

DARK-Millennium 3          Christopher D. Corran

And for the record, I will be typing one handedly for quite some time yet.

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