Author Book Buy – Books IN HAND

At last we have received what’s called the Author Book Buy. This is a special price deal that enables authors to buy bulk copies of their own book, for local Market Promotions purposes.
The quantity produced in the First Edition is not limited but already we found the need to have copies handy. BUY NOW
The 75 copies ordered this time will serve to conduct local Book Promotions and Marketing.

Local interest is good but it has been necessary to keep interest damped down until we have copies in hand. A sale is not a sale until we have the money in hand – no books: no sales.

In the event, the books were printed in Germany and it took a little over six weeks for the consignment to arrive. Getting the single Print Proof Copy was more rapid and simpler. One copy of the book was printed in England and sent to me via UPS.

For buyers, the simplest method is to buy direct Online: BUY NOW

The same is true for Dealers as well as the public but we will get into the wax of Book Shops and other dealers now that we have copies of the book ourselves. This was the purpose of the Author Book Buy. Talking about an invisible book is a fruitless exercise. Allowing people to handle the book leads to a much more positive experience.

Word on completion of the e-Book Edition has not yet arrived but we know that task is in hand, back in New York City.

It’s all GO!


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