DARK-Millennium 3 Goes e-Book Edition

The Multi-Format E-Book Edition of DARK-Millennium 3 has been released. Amazon.com have it in Kindle format here but being Multi-Format it will be available compatible with Kindle, LSI and Barnes & Noble & etc.

Releasing the e-Book Edition is a big step forward. The market for e-Book and Tablet Readers is expanding rapidly, especially in Asia.

It isn’t expected that sales will rise immediately but at some point the subtle allegories in DARK will attract attention, possibly very negative attention, and interest should begin to rise.

In view of the massive potential market represented by China, we already had the book translated into Chinese. Also, interest has been shown by German and Italian publishers so, even at this early stage, we feel confident that the book will sell well over time.

Currently we are working with Strategic Book Group to produce an Enhanced Press Release to promote the e-Book Edition to the main Industry outlets.

Things look promising.


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