MFE – Kindle, Nook, iPad etc. Available

The Press Release for the Multi-Format e-Book Edition of DARK-Millennium 3 is now circulating.

The press release was released not only to the local media contacts we provided, but also over the Publisher’s PR wire service, which is tracked by thousands of media outlets nationwide and goes to Internet sites such as Google News.

I am attaching a PDF of the Press Release which we have in our files.

Our enhanced press release will also be posted on Facebook Here.

Production of the Multi Format e-Edition of DARK-Millennium 3 and its Press Release means that the book is now available globally in Print and e-Book Format and is also being represented by the Publisher, Strategic Book Group (SBG), at each International Book Expo throughout the year of 2011.

In the case of the Beijing Book Expo, DARK-Millennium 3 is also available in a Chinese Translation. China represents one of the largest and fastest growing Book Reader markets in the world. Not only are reading and print copy sales growing, Asia has taken up the e-Book Reader fad faster than in the West.

We note however that sales and use of the various e-Book readers, iPads and assorted Tablet viewers are climbing now also in the West.

SBG feel this is an exciting time to be operating in the book publishing and marketing field. We are happy to agree.


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