Video Trailer Press Release

DARK-Millennium 3 has been supported by a Video Trailer Press Release just as the book is being promoted also at the Beijing Book Expo in China.

The video itself is hosted on YouTube but also is embedded in a PDF file which was transmitted around the Industry locations selected by the Publisher and the Author to promote sales and to increase marketing.

It will be interesting now to see what additional ways can be found to use the embedded video for other purposes and at other sites.

Embedding code in WordPress is a simple matter. Achieving the same functionality elsewhere on the Web may need some research. So will finding places ON the Web that can conveniently be used. We will look into this.

The book is now available in all typical formats. Aside from the Print Copy, which is available to order Online, DARK-Millennium 3 can be downloaded in a range of e-Book formats including Nook and Kindle. For the copies to be made available in Taiwan, for instance, approval has been given for the book to be converted into whatever e-Book format is appropriate to each TelCo (eight publishing companies bought the book) Tablet or e-Book Reader.

This will obviously become the norm internationally, as e-Book readers are taken up globally.


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