BEIJING Internationa Book Fair

Results are beginning to flow from the Beijing International Book Fair. Robert and the team have sent very positive information via email, accompanied by many photos on-line showing the extensive activity there. Several of the promo-shots include the Print Copy of DARK-Millennium 3 (DMe3) which was prominently on display.

DARK-Me3 sits 3rd from left on 2nd row

Because wide-angle shots tend to shrink detail, I cut out a smaller detail of DARK on display. DMe3 is second to the left of the resident author’s head (heh), on the second shelf. That looks to be an advantageous location, in plain view and at a good height.
the 'Nice Lady' is an Author In Booth (AIB) signing her books

There were also extensive views of Linda interviewing publishers and of Robert addressing the Digital Zone Theatre, which seems to have been well patronized. In fact, the presence of a number of Chinese Telco style companies throughout the Fair substantiates Robert’s view that e-Book penetration and digital book sales will grow very rapidly in Asia.

Robert also posed, with Linda, beside the head of  “Print On Demand Global”, who have facilities here in Australia as well as elsewhere.

it looks so simple...but the Logistics belie the smiles
As in Taiwan, expressions of interest at this early stage may not progress to book sales for one to two years, if at all. As Robert states, Authors must expect to promote their work to obtain sales and Strategic Book Group (SBG) is not a part of the “I write-You sell” industry!! We concur but live with the fact, unknown authors do not necessarily have the funds required to properly promote every book on the world stage.

The Business Model of SBG immediately appealed to me as it was clearly an opportunity to present my books internationally, at very fair cost, sharing expenses with other authors and being represented in Marketing and Sales by Robert and his Export Marketing Team.

Our plan initially is to turn royalties from sales back into Marketing and Promotion, essentially having SBG generate the funds to cover their own fees.

Royalties may take a while yet to increase to such a steady flow as to totally cover the expense of having DARK Me3 and subsequently FORTH Me3, marketed as they will require for best global results. In the meantime, we will continue to fund our own efforts locally, in Malls and Bookshop presentations, along with ensuring we are out there in the global marketplace with Robert and the Team.

I say DARK and FORTH but of course, the third Volume will go the same path, however we are not about to divulge the Title of the book yet.

“For every thing there is a Time and a Season”.

Eight months out from Book Launch, we are satisfied with progress so far. It has nothing to do with book publishing but the fact I have been hospitalized four times between February and April, with multiple broken bones and a stay in ICU, has complicated my original plans for the year. Perhaps I have been restrained to a realistic level of activity, so early in the ‘life’ of DARK-Millennium 3 !?


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