DARK Promotion at Noosa

We are planning, still or again, a televised interview and possible book signing at iconic Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

Many of the details are arranged but final agreement on the date and time will not be reached until 30th November, when we chat again with the owner of the Book Shop we have chosen.

My choice, unseen, was for Mary Ryan’s Books, Music and Coffee, which seems gregarious enough and it’s location is smack dab in the middle of Hastings Street, as iconic in itself as the regional locale of Noosa.

As soon as there are firm details, we will publish names and dates and even seek further coverage, perhaps in print. It would be good to use this occasion to promote other issues aside from simply the book, DARK-Millennium 3.

We are working on the final details. Even custard can be used as something else when it goes wrong so…remain flexible and, “Watch this space”.


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