The full release of FORTH-Millennium 3 has been achieved finally, with the release of the Multi-Format Edition (MFE) e-Book version. It is now available at all online Book Industry Sale Sites, such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble, and Booktopia, in addition to being available at the Publisher’s site.
The links are available at right, to obtain both books in any format, Print Copy, Kindle-Nook or other, compatible e-Tablet digital formats.

Christopher D Corran

Getting this far required some interesting work-rounds and a bit of patience.

Strategic Book Group operate through a large team of sub-contracted professionals who independently provide the variety of services making up their ‘Agency’.

At each stage, we found we were dealing with individuals who performed their own specialist function, be that Text Blocking or Graphic Art for either the Cover Art Layout, the internal Book Layout, or even the layout of Web Site presentations and Press Releases.

Dealing with so many disparate functions via an entire team of persons on the far side of the world meant that time had to be spent ensuring good communications and cooperation. This was not simply the matter of specific elements of the book(s) but also, coordinating the financial side in a fluid and simultaneous manner.

Juggling comes to mind!

In the case of the Millennium 3 trilogy, other practicalities have also been required which meant Book 1., DARK-Millennium 3, not be vigorously promoted. This was because, not much could be said at that stage really, without revealing material best revealed in Book 2., FORTH-Millennium 3.

We found this a peculiarity of the fact, this was a trilogyy rather than a book we meant to promote and sell.

The intention had been to have FORTH-Me3 out there a year sooner, but instead, accidents and broken bones meant the second book could not be finished until mid-2012. As a result, DARK-Millennium 3 has been out there on its own, with a number of conundrums left to be solved.

The solutions to DARK-Me3 are largely contained in the second book but there remain some elements of Book 1 which cannot be unraveled until release of the third volume, MAGOG-Millennium 3.
Book One in the Millennium 3 trilogy

DARK-Millennium 3 has its own unique challenges. Death comes to all of us and many state their fear, or their complacency, at its implacable approach.

Having experience with death and the dying, in those last weeks and days when the inevitability of the outcome is quite clear, we made chapter 1., in DARK-Me3, deliberately haphazard seeming.

The repetition: the recollections of the past; and the seeming visits to a future unseen by the watcher, are all part of the process of dying. Loved ones might be enthralled by encounters in the spirit, while their bodies linger yet in the mortal world.

Some find such encounters to be the source of great fear. Not all are equally prepared to pass through the veil of death.
Book Two in the Millennium 3 trilogy
FORTH-Millennium 3 follows on in a very natural manner from the final words between lead characters, Eber and the Bishop, in DARK-Millennium 3.

The naturalness of their relationship and the shared ‘tasks’ of their priesthood is a key to what comes afterward throughout Book 2.

FORTH-Me3 deals equally with the ways in which both male and female exist and are ‘employed’ beyond the veil of death.

Those found in DARK-Me3 to be held in the dark spirit prison, have no part in the activities of FORTH-Me3, except that, they may respond if they choose, to the invitations of priesthood holders in one guise or another.

We presume that Islamists will reject absolutely, every word dealing with the Qur’an, Jihad and Mohammed that forms a part of chapter 2. This was why the subject was included in the book. FORTH-Me3 is written in a time and world where Islam has revealed itself in all its brutal and obsessive compulsion. “Domination and Submission”.

The statements drawn from the Qur’an, and from the Hadith, without which even Muslims would be unable to make any sense of the Qur’an, speak for themselves. The comment of this author online, that 95% of Muslims are unaware of the real truth behind the Qur’an, was met with agreement by an Arab Doctor, also an author on the subject, who stated that in his opinion the proportion was more like 99.9% of Muslims do not know what is actually contained in the Qur’an. They know only what they are told by their Imams.

But we did not single out Islam alone for criticism…all the Western ‘isms’ get a jersey in FORTH-Me3. The cataclysm that is the impending fate of Humanity cannot be tied to any one specific cause or antagonism. Nazism, Communism, Capitalism and Materialism are all bound to draw increasing numbers of humanity through the ever- waiting veil of death.

So FORTH-Millennium 3 deals with the massive task of wiping out nine out of every ten persons alive today. Who wins? Well, only the mutually antagonistic will fight and the prophets assure us, the Lord has said, “I will use the wicked to destroy the wicked”. So it must be presumed…neither side wins and all sides lose.

Except of course for Zion, the Pure in Heart.

But this matters little to those who are dead and labour yet beyond the veil. We see their sorrows and their joys. We see beyond the veil of death.

We see Paradise as it is today.

We see Paradise as it is about to become.


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