Hoax Responses Begin

It was always inevitable that some would object to the material in the Millennium 3 trilogy.

For one thing, Latter Day Saints (LDS) might skip lightly through it and react without thought to the many allusions to doctrine and sacred thought which are portrayed. A degree of pondering would reveal to them, the scope of conjecture in my novels was always going to be worth the near-transit of fiction to truth.

On the other hand, we always assumed some Muslims would be even less inclined to ponder and more inclined to react. So it came as no surprise when a phone call came, supposedly from BookWorld (https://www.bookworld.com.au), desiring to ‘discuss’ “what you wrote in FORTH-Millennium 3”.

The lady who rang had an Asian accent and gave the return telephone contact number as: 8772071679 Ext. 33 On the basis of precise details of the call, it seems reasonable to assume her background was Muslim.

We tried the number and the phone company told us there is no such number.

We contacted BookWorld and they advised us, they had no such contact number.

You know, one of the hallmarks of Islam is that it seeks to suppress any true and valid information about Islam. The material in FORTH-Millennium 3 is extensively researched, even beyond the sources cited in the front material in the book.

It will be interesting, over time, to see who and how many, from what background, try to prevent the Millennium 3 trilogy from being published throughout the world. We actually live in days when freedom is under attack even in the West! On every hand there is yet another attempt to prevent the ‘common man’ from exercising his rights, freedoms and privileges as he chooses.

Some of my most vocal critics may turn out to be the people who’s entitlements I most strongly defend.

Either way…the hoaxers have begun.


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