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15 March 2013
FORTH-Millennium 3 is available in the ePub edition, for those who do not use Kindle or Nook readers.
The Booktopia link is: Here

FORTH – Millennium 3

Naturally, there are a number of download options. The reason I put the first link to Booktopia is simple: They are running a 40% discount on FORTH-Millennium 3.

Other sources, in Australia and overseas, include:

Angus & Robertson:  (Australia)


Bookworld:  (Australia)


Booktopia: 40% OFF (Australia)


Eloquent Books:         9.67 Euros  (Italy)


DARK-Millennium 3 is also available in ePub edition. Prices seem to vary from time to time. It seems the Bookselling Industry has its own cycles and each book tends to vary in popularity in a fairly unpredictable manner.


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