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18 June 2013

 The arrival of our 75 copy Author Book Buy has spurred a new sense of activity in the marketing area. The concept of dual-promotion creates interesting challenges and opportunities.


Two books now available

Millennium 3 – books available now

Now is a great time to pause in writing the third volume in the trilogy and to focus again on the overall concept.

Experience has shown already, those reading book two, FORTH-Millennium 3, who have not read the first volume, are drawn to buy it… to see “What went before”.

We desire all readers of either book to understand… there is more.

Both books can be bought and read in a wide range of options. See our Buy Page and select your preferred choice of:

Kindle, Nook or ePub Multi-Electronic-Version, or buy the Print Copy Online

            Amazon:         Print Copy available

                                       Kindle Version available

            Barnes&Noble:          Print Copy available

                                                     Nook Copy available

            ePubco:           ePub version compatible with PC, eBook & etc.

                        The ePub PDF edition can be read on just about everything.

So we invite all to buy our books… See our Buy The Book page !

WHY the Millennium 3 Trilogy?

Because we want people to have their eyes opened.

Eternity is a very long way to live.

You are an Eternal Intelligence.

What do dead people do?

Find out now, by reading DARK-Millennium 3, or FORTH-Millennium 3.


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