The Hiatus

We are in the period of hiatus, which always follows immediately, when a manuscript goes to the publisher . . .

The Old Smith Portable

The time frame, from Contract to Print, is about 80 days. In that period there are a number of things that will be attended to.

The manuscript of MAGOG-Millennium 3 doesn’t go simply from text to Text Block: it goes through a number of stages, passing through a number of people’s hands, changing from A4 Manuscript to Letter size, to PDF and eventually down to 6 by 9 inch Proof Copy, which is the finished size for the book.

Along the way, we will discuss various options for the artwork also, including the layout and the actual text on the back cover. Just agreeing on the art usually takes at least a month, as an assortment of suggestion go back and forth.

The actual layout of the book, internally, is pretty much in the hands of SBPRA and their team of about a hundred independent professionals.

By the time we are happy with the actual book, we will also have agreed on the format for a Book Industry Release. PR is pretty much the domain of the Publisher, as I am a babe in the woods there, but I still have to be involved, contribute and make decisions.

By then we will also be involved in creating the Kindle Edition, for Amazon. com and the Nook Edition for Barnes and Noble. We will also create a Multi-Format Electronic Edition which can be downloaded to PC, Laptop and Tablet. The Multi-Edition is produced by ePubCo, who also make it available to all the foreign markets when Robert and Kait take it to the International Book EXPO round. There are nineteen EXPOs during 2013, possibly more in 2014.

So yes, this is the hiatus that comes while we wait for SBPRA to sort out which of their professionals will be involved in what stages of the book’s production.

I got the Smith Portable second-hand in London, in 1968. My Brother portable had been stolen and I could not exist without a typewriter. I saw the Smith in a Second Hand Shop and bought it for ten pounds!


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