Selfies to Come

We plan an entire series of YouTube Video Clips to promote the Millennium 3 Trilogy once the final volume, MAGOG-Millennium 3, is available in Bookstores and Online.

We realize there are some common mistakes to avoid…

unintended selfie

Home made video clips have a habit of compromising their producers in horribly unintended ways. This can tend to completely destroy what should have been deeply contemplative and ponderable content…

Communication is a Language

The quality of the audio and video needs to be up to expected standards, and that can be a challenge all on its own. Being drowned out by the raucous feeding habits of a flock of parrots is neither romantic nor entertaining. Having the lighting or audio all wrong results in viewers flocking to see someone else’s video clip instead.

The attitude here is, if a teenage Gurl can go viral giving tips on hair and make-up, a 68 year old war veteran should steer away from cleavage and pock marked close-ups.

But it should be fun!

Then, of course, there are the Thought Police . . .


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